The Asexual Uke (anberu) wrote in icecream_lunch,
The Asexual Uke

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Let's talk irony.

Today, the art muse hit me. With a big, heavy mallet.

I finished the drawing for the next storyline comic. I have two nicely detailed Halloween pictures ready to be posted.

The ironic part?

My computer is dead. My power cord was cut Sunday night, and I've been carefully jimmying it to keep the computer batteries alive since then. Today, though, it stopped working altogether. When the wires connect, the cord starts sparking. I burned my fingers on it, actually.

Now, according to UPS, the new cord is supposed to arrive tomorrow. If it does, I'll be able to get the Halloween pictures up tomorrow afternoon. If not, I'll just post one of them here for you if I can get a copy of it from Koji.
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